Guns/Second Amendment

Professor Bogus has written and spoken extensively on the topics of gun control and the Second Amendment.

Here are links to some of his notable works.

"The Hidden History of the Second Amendment" - 31 U.C. Davis Law Review 309 (1998)
This article argues that James Madison wrote the Second Amendment to assure his constituents in Virginia, and the South as a whole, that the federal government could not disarm the state militia, which were the prime instruments for slave control in the South.The article is also available from the U.C. Davis Law Review website here.
"Gun Control and America's Cities: Public Policy and Politics" - 1 Albany Government Law Review 440 (2008)
This article argues that data suggest that the only form of gun control that may be effective in reducing gun-related crime are measures that reduce the numbers of handguns in general circulation.
"Heller and Insurrectionism" - 59 Syracuse Law Review 255 (2008)
This article pleads with the Supreme Court to repudiate insurrectionism -- the supposed right of Americans to be armed to go to war with the own government -- as a rationale for the individual right to bear arms.
"How Gun Control Got Murdered" - The American Prospect, August 30, 2011 (Review of Gunfight by Adam Winkler)
Other writings from Professor Bogus on the subjects of gun control or the Second Amendment, available through libraries or paid services such as Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis, are listed on his CV, posted on the Bio section of this website.
Here is a podcast for an episode of DecodeDC entitled "The Scary Link Between Slavery and the Second Amendment: What you don't know about how the Second Amendment came to be." The host is journalist Jimmy Williams; his guest is Professor Bogus. The podcast was originally posted by DecodeDC on August 4, 2016.
Here is a debate between Professor Bogus and Professor Michael O'Shea on the question "Resolved: The Second Amendment Protects the Individual's Right to Own and Carry a Gun." The debate was moderated by Jeffrey Rosen and sponsored by the National Constitution Center, the American Constitution Society, and the Federalist Society. It was held in Chicago on November 19, 2015.
Here is the podcast for an episode of the BBC program The Inquiry devoted to the topic "How Has the US Gun Lobby Been So Successful?" featuring Professor Bogus and three other experts, broadcast by the BBC World Service on January 26, 2016.

About the Author


Carl T. Bogus is Distinguished Research Professor of Law at Roger Williams University.



There are structural problems in the U.S. economy that benefit the richest one-tenth of one percent and work to the detriment of the middle class. Professor Bogus believes that one of these problems is corporate giantism fueled by mergers and acquisitions. Very big companies are merging or gobbling up smaller firms at alarming rates. In a major new article, Professor Bogus argues for a radical change in antitrust law to confront this issue, and why antitrust needs to become a subject of wide public debate, as it was during the Progressive Era. This article is accessible to readers not conversant with antitrust law. To access it, click on its title and citation below:

The New Road to Serfdom: The Curse of Bigness and the Failure of Antitrust, 49 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform 1 (2015)


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